Podcast Interview with Ginger Vieira, Fellow Diabetes Coach, Author and Diabetes Advocate


I am very honored to have been interviewed by the *fabulous* and *gracious* Ginger Vieira on her podcast at DiabetesDaily ! Ginger is a fellow Diabetes Coach who lives awesomely with Type 1 and Celiac. She has written at two books – one titled “Your Diabetes Science Experiment” and the second is called “Emotional Eating with Diabetes“. Her third book will be published in 2014 on “Emotional Burnout”, and she was nice enough to use some of my thoughts about that topic in her book. She holds numerous weightlifting records (a personal goal of mine – well, weight lifting, not records), is a huge asset to the Diabetes community, and is one of the most caring and gentle people you ever wanted to meet. She lives in Vermont with a great guy and three adorably brilliant dogs.

Go here to listen to our chat!

Ginger and I talk about diabetes and our personal hot buttons, dogs, the Diabetes Online Community (DOC), and a slew of other fun topics! Oh, and she also explores what I offer as a Positive Psychology and Diabetes Coach, and what I talk about with people in coaching meetings.

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