Diabetes Sisters “orange:will” crossed the Virginia State line today!

I am beyond excited. See that orange bag on the left? That is the bag of goodies from Diabetes Sisters  that I picked up today. I went the the Quarterly PODS  Meeting in Raleigh, NC and got to meet 20 other women with diabetes.


Hanging with Brandy

I also got to meet Brandy Barnes,  Founder and CEO; Anna Norton, Operations Manager; and Ellica Church, Development and Marketing Manager.  It was great to hear other pumps beeping and seeing others whip out meters or syringes. I got to talk to some very well educated Type 2 ladies who told me all about the Stress Reduction Study they were in together, which I thought was great. I will have to check out Chapel Hill’s study program soon!  The talk was given by Dr Allen Ashforth from Ashforth Chiropractic Family Care. His subject was one that I work with as well – self talk regarding what is possible with our diabetes care. Dr Ashforth brought up that if we believe we can’t, we’re right, and I totally agree. He pointed out that just changing behavior rarely gets the desired change: it’s challenging the beliefs which drive behavior that really kicks off progress. It gave me an opportunity to talk about Diabetes Coaching to the group, and I’m looking forward to following up with everyone.

I plan on making as many of these meetings as I can! Luckily, Diabetes Sisters is coming to Virginia! Myself and Lauren, who just moved here from Tennessee, will be co-organizers of the Richmond / Charlottesville Diabetes Sisters PODS meetings. Our first meeting will be in the end of October. Please register on Meetup.com in order to be notified when we have a firm location.  We will be also having them in Charlottesville, Virginia as soon as we find a location.

I am hoping to hand out Diabetes Sisters flyers at the JDRF Picnic tomorrow. BTW, HUGE thank you to Type 1 Design. I emailed them Wednesday,  a day after placing an order with them when I found out about the picnic. I asked them if there was any way they could ship my order faster so that I could wear it on Sunday. They came through! Here’s what I’ll be sporting in white and just click here to order one of your very own! All proceeds go to Find A Cure.

There is Hope Help Cure Type 1 Diabetes

There is Hope Help Cure Type 1 Diabetes

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