Instead, I participated in Spare a Rose, Save a Child. This campaign is from the International Diabetes Federation program and their aim is to “take contributions from donors to go to establish diabetes centers enabling them to provide the ongoing clinical care and diabetes education these children need to stay alive.” The thought is the money you would have spent on roses for Valentines Day could better be spent towards life-saving insulin for thousands of children who die every year in developing countries who cannot afford insulin. It’s a slow, long death for a child and I can’t stand the thought of it.

Before and After Insulin

From Kerri Sparling

Yes, in 2014, children die of diabetes because of lack of medical care. Their death is over many months and nothing stops it, except for insulin. The centers that this money is going to are in Cambodia, India, Pakistan, the Philippines, the Republic of Congo and St Lucia. Last count, they’ve raised $22,500 after having an initial goal of $10,000.

Why am I posting this after Valentine’s Day? Because children need insulin 365 days a year and I want to keep this going.

So if you’d like to donate, please click this link. It’s very easy! The florists won’t thank you, but I will.




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