I’m excited to get a chance to talk with Ginger Vieira about anxiety and Positive Psychology Coaching for the Dairo Diabetes blog. I don’t talk about it often enough, and I’m afraid people get it confused with “positive thinking”. They are as similar as “butter” and “butterfly”.

If you knew me, well, Pollyanna Positive is not a name you’d give me. Sarcastic, maybe. Practical perspective taking, I like to call it. I prefer to think of myself as always looking for the bottom line, but I’m not a slave to logic. I believe in being fully human and embracing all aspects of a full life. So when people wonder if Positive Psychology coaching is all about ignoring the negative, I really feel the urge to correct them. Or, at least, let them know how I am personally because there’s no way you’d equate my way of thinking with denial-focused “sunshine and buttercups”.

Anyway, this is a topic saved for another blog post. Today, I wanted to give you the link to the actual article on anxiety and how Positive Psychology Coaching can help. I love what Dario, maker of the next generation glucose meter which connects to your phone, tablet, or device, is creating. I’m looking forward to the day when my data can work for me and I can carry fewer devices without sacrificing my health.

Go here to read it!

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