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Information Does Not Equal Action

Let’s face it – there’s  a crunch when it comes to being able to ask questions, perform exams and still have a connection with your patients. When a patient comes in with an elevated A1C,  has just changed insurance and reports that test strip prices have doubled, and they’re in the middle of a divorce, what options do you have to help? What do you do in the limited about of time available?

My job is to offer psychosocial support to assist you and your team in evoking 100% Shame and Blame-free *effective* behavioral change in your patients.

Here’s what I offer your practice and patients:

  • I’m a trained coach so I utilize evidence-based functional and cognitive behavioral techniques to help clients accept their diagnosis and overcome common fears such as hypoglycemia, initiating injectable therapy, or resistance of glucose testing. I teach them how to use stress management to overcome anxiety related to glucose treatment regimens or new complications. I also address feelings of being overwhelmed and Diabetes Burnout and teach resilience and psychological flexibility skills. I also work with parents of diagnosed children who are experiencing feelings of fear, confusion, and guilt. ( Please see this, thisplus this, and especially this for research information)
  •  I help clients problem solve challenges to care while empathizing with them during the process. I help them become aware of their current choices and prepare them to make better ones while increasing their quality of life.
  • By using the information you give patients and, combined my coaching skills and knowledge of common challenges, help them break each behavior down and implement a plan of action that takes into account their unique life situation.
  • I extend your effectiveness through my non-clinical outreach. I help ensure optimal outcomes and adherence to the plan of care you’ve set up.
  •  I offer individualized sessions, at an appropriate frequency to meet the clients needs, daily if needed for the newly diagnosed.
  •  I proactively identify client situations and complications that need to be referred back to you for your assessment to avoid a health crisis.
  •  I recognize that topics like insulin dosing changes, teachings on nutrition, etc, are beyond the scope of my work. My goal is to reinforce your plan of care, while supporting the client behavioral and emotional needs. Many times, it’s not knowledge that patients lack; it’s an understanding of what it takes to change their behavior in order to follow out your directions. I show you the tools necessary for truly motivating someone into healthy behavior habits without fear and blame. Sometimes it’s a matter of working through issues of resistance, fear and confusion.
  • I voluntarily comply with HIPAA and take necessary precautions with PHI.

Thought + Emotional Charge + Action = Outcome

I also coach medical staff on effective communication strategies. Behavior does not change because of facts or guilt; let me coach your staff on ways to approach even your most challenging patients and their questions. Bring your level of communication comfort up, and you’ll see a rise in patient compliance as well.

For more information, call Leann at 804-446-4677 or email

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