For Clinicians

Information Does Not Equal Action

Let’s face it – there’s  a crunch when it comes to being able to ask questions, perform exams and still have a connection with your patients. When a patient comes in with an elevated A1C,  has just changed insurance and reports that test strip prices have doubled, and they’re in the middle of a divorce, what options do you have to help? What do you do in the limited about of time available?
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For People with Diabetes

Emotional Understanding for an Intense Balancing Act

There is no other disease that requires such an intense amount of self maintenance. We are given a great deal of information and then told to go home and manage this ourselves.

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Know Yourself, Know Your Diabetes

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Leann What I Do

What I Do

I offer emotional support and practical help in living a life with Diabetes. What do you do if you have all the information in the world, but no idea where to start? What if you just feel alone in a pile of pills, test strips and data and would love to talk to someone who understands?

Who I Am

My mission is to create a supportive environment that works with the emotional and social aspects of diabetes care and integrate that into your day to day management of Diabetes.

Podcast and Video Intro

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Emotional support for the newly diagnosed, the completely overwhelmed and those who just need someone to talk to, for people or parents of children with Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes.”

You are not alone!

Low Rations

In case I go low in the middle of the night and to avoi […]

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