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For People With Diabetes

Anxious, Frustrated, and Overwhelmed with Diabetes?

Without emotional health, the best technology and pills won’t do us any good. I have diabetes: I’ve lived your fears and worries, but they no longer throw me into emotional turmoil. I’m here to help you find peace and live the life you desire no matter what.

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Know Yourself, Know Your Diabetes

I don’t believe in a one size fits all view of diabetes management – I work with you, where you are right now, to determine what’s appropriate for you. I don’t care what your A1C is, I don’t play the blame and shame game. If you are looking for help, or even just to chat with someone who understands, I’m here for you.

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Leann What I Do

What I Do

I offer emotional support and practical help in living a life with Diabetes. What do you do if you have all the information in the world, but no idea where to start? What if you just feel alone in a pile of pills, test strips and data and would love to talk to someone who understands?

Who I Am

My mission is to create a supportive environment that works with the emotional needs of living with diabetes and integrate that into your day to day management of Diabetes.

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Sweet Deal for the Very Sweet - Diabetes Coaching Sessions

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Coaching Special

February 14th through March 14th.

I’m offering four 60 minute coaching sessions with me over the phone or video for just $200. That’s $100 off regular price! I don’t run specials very often but so many people have asked me about getting focused on their diabetes care that I thought I’d offer a special deal.

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Alone with a Low Blood Sugar

I sit at my desk shaking and sweating, sure signs I’m going low. I don’t have to open my desk drawer to look at my cgms, but I do just to see how low go. I push the button and stare down, but no thought follows my action. 80 mg/dL, double down arrows on my CGM, which means in reality I’m probably around 60-something since I know the CGM is slightly behind my real-time blood sugar.
I’m worried now.

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5 Tips to Tackle Anxiety in Diabetes

Anxiety is such a big concern in our day to day lives. We’re either avoiding or craving something, all to feel “better”. I wrote this piece for on our anxiety and what I’ve found really helps. Enjoy! Control is an illusion.... read more

Self-Compassion: The #1 Tool in Diabetes Care

You know my passion is talking about the emotional side to diabetes. To help spread the word, has graciously allowed me to write an article a week for them. I will write until I run out of things to say, which might be a very long time. Here’s... read more
“Working with Leann was like talking to my best friend, my wise aunt, and a psychic in one. She knew exactly what I was thinking and didn’t lecture me like I was afraid of. I left our sessions feeling like I had control back in my life and wasn’t anxious about every little thing anymore. She listened to me in a way that only rivals my dog. “ T., Indiana

“I thought I needed help with my diabetes meal plan, but I really needed emotional support because I really wanted to do nothing for my diabetes. She helped me uncover why no diet would work for me and why I hated all of them. I was facing going on insulin and didn’t want to do that at first – I am so glad Leann helped me then! I learned that I can do more than I thought because I really thought that this is all too hard. Leann is friendly and open and wants you to do all the talking. Somehow she makes the overwhelming seem simple. I wish I would have found her years ago!” S., Northern Virginia

“Leann makes diabetes seem not so scary and I even improved in areas of my life I hadn’t thought were lacking. I never thought that was possible – call her if you are sick of diabetes and need help! You’ll just feel better!” V., British Columia

Desks and Diabetes

It’s obvious: I’m not exactly the most prodigious blogger. It’s not that I don’t think about blogging (often). It’s more of a sense of what weird quirks of having diabetes could I possibly write about. I’ve finally found a quirky... read more

Diabetes Blog Week: Mantras and More

I’ve been looking forward to Thursday’s topic – Mantras and More – all week long. I started thinking about what’s my #1, when-all-else-fails tool. When I am in panic mode, what do I use in crisis? I really didn’t have to think that... read more

Diabetes Blog Week: What Brings Me Down

Wednesday’s topic was What Brings me down and how to cope. While I’m late to the party, I didn’t want to skip it entirely. May is mental health month and judging by all the posts for this topic, it’s not lost on anyone that our emotional health... read more

Diabetes Blog Week: Poetry Tuesday

Well, life interferes again. Instead of a thoughtful, insightful poem, you’re getting a short haiku. I’m typing this with my right eye squeezed shut: there’s something wrong with that eye. While I’m waiting for the eye doctor to open, this is... read more

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